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/What is the best Sheet Set Fabric
What is the best Sheet Set Fabric 2023-03-30

HJHOME is the factory for Sheet Set, now market main have 100% Cotton Sheet Bed Set, 100% Original Bamboo Sheet Sets, Silk Sheet Set, Linen Sheets and Polyester Sheets Set. HJHOME will tell you each fabric different, then can help you choose best suit Sheet Set.

100% Cotton Sheet Set

100% pure cotton Sheet Bed Set fabrichas good moisture absorption and air permeability, and is very soft and does not hurt the skin. The purchase of this kind of fabric should pay special attention to whether its texture is tight, the pattern is complete or not, and it needs to find out its shrinkage rate and so on. This four-piece fabric is suitable for intellectuals, white-collar workers and so on.

Linen Sheet Set

Linen Sheet Sets Fabric has features not found in fabrics made of other fibers. According to some scientific measurement, research that the four-piece set of this fabric can help sleep, conducive to sleep, can make sleep more stable. According to this, we can know that the people who need to choose this fabric most are those who have poor sleep quality and difficulty in falling asleep. The four-piece linen fabric can help them to sleep better to some extent.

100% Polyester Sheet Set

100% Polyester Sheet Set fabric is relatively low cost, good shape preservation, and relatively durable, and its choice of people are mainly middle and lower income groups. But this fabric is prone to pilling, static electricity and so on. In addition, people with sensitive skin and respiratory diseases should try to avoid using such four-piece sets.

100% Original Bamboo Sheet Set

Bamboo Sheet Sets fabric is a relatively new type of fabric. This fabric with natural bamboo as raw material, after some processing, finally manufactured. The four-piece set of bamboo fiber fabric has good air permeability, is soft and smooth, and has the function of promoting blood circulation, metabolism and so on. Therefore, the four-piece set of this fabric is suitable for use in hot summer, and this fabric is also of great benefit to the health of the elderly. It may be a good choice to choose this fabric for the elderly.

100% silk Sheet Set

100% silk Sheet Sets fabric is more high-grade, bright color, good elasticity, soft and smooth, more comfortable, but also has disadvantages, such as easy to dirty, and easy to shrink, direct sunlight on its damage. For this reason, people who use four-piece sets of such fabrics should change their sheets frequently and take care of them regularly. Therefore, people who choose silk fabrics need to have a certain amount of free time and know or like maintenance. In addition, it is best not to choose this type of four-piece suite in the room where direct sunlight can reach.

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